MoneyPin FAQ

MoneyPin is available at F8 of EzeeLink Terminal

A. MM MoneyPin is only for Verified member
(starting 5th December 2012)
– For verification purpose, member must submit ID to MM.
– ID can be in the form of Identity Card, Passport & Working Permit.
– Merchant assist MM Members to Register via Android Apps
– Once ID is submitted, User will receive a confirmation and can using the Remittance Service.

B. Mobile Money MoneyPin Guideline
– Member can purchase MoneyPin up to RM3,000 per transaction.
– Member can register to up to 5 permanent beneficiaries.
– Each members (each IC/passport/working permit) can remit up to 10 transactions in a month time.
– The MoneyPin is usually instant unless the beneficiary’s bank is having service interruption.

C. Money NOT reached?
Check the following:
1. Have the User confirm the transaction?
2. Have the Card balance been deducted? MissCall 03-2617 2722 to check Card balance.
3. Have the User receive the “diproses” sms? If no repeat the Hantar sms & misscall to confirm the transaction.
4. Have the User receive the “boleh keluar wang” sms? If no, please wait, sometime we will expericence sms delay.

D. Why User cannot send same amount in same day?
The system does not permit User sending the same amount on the same day to prevent transaction error, but the system will allow different amount to the same beneficiary on the same day.

E. Beneficiary does not receive the money
– The moment MM inform User via SMS that the money had arrived, it is guaranteed that the transfer is already successful.
– To verify the transfer, it is advice that the beneficiary (penerima) provide a copy of the saving passbook of the destination account to MM by upload to or by Fax to 03-8070 9516.
– Please include User’s Hp in the email or fax.
– MM will check with the beneficiary’s bank and response to User within 3 working day.

F. If the MoneyPin failed how do i get refund?
– Sometimes the money could be failed due beneficiary’s account is dormant.
– In this case it will take 2 working days for refund.
– After 2 working days the money will be credited into the MM Card.

G. Why system reply me “Kad No. Salah”, after i sms HANTAR?
1. The card number was not registered to the HP that request the transfer.
2. Transfer can only be done from the registered HP number and NOT from any other HP.

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