Merchant Account Topup

A. How to Topup money to EzeeLink Account (Terminal)?
1. Deposit money to any MM’s account.
2. Send Topup request
3. Topup will be done within 20-60 minutes.

B. MM’s Accounts
Account Name: Mobile Money International Sdn Bhd
Bank                Bank Code    MM Account Number
Alliance Bank   TABM           1208 8001 0037 660
AMBank           TAMBANK    2362 0120 0370 4
CIMB Bank      TCIMB          1264 0001 4710 59 (Old)
8003 3573 61 (New)
HLB Bank        THLB            1440 0011 097
MayBank         TMBB            5123 4351 6944 (Recommended)
Public Bank     TPBB            3152 2204 12
RHB Bank       TRHB            2121 2500 0974 29

C. Send Topup request
There are 2 ways to send Topup Request:
1. Using EzeeLink Terminal
– Go to F9 > Bank Topup
2. Using SMS:
– SMS Command: Bank Code#EM# EzeeLink Merchant ID# Amount# Date Month Year Time# Location shown on receipt
– Sample SMS: TMBB#EM#66886688#RM500#291020121432#puchong cdm 3
– For RHB bank use this command: TRHB#EM# EzeeLink Merchant ID# Amount# Seq number
– RHB sample SMS: TRHB#EM# 66886688#RM500#654321

D. How do i know i have successfully notified MM on my deposit?
– Check notification HP if received SMS: Arahan TopUp diterima dan akan diproses dlm 20minit.
– If not receive sms, meaning your request does not reached MM.
– Please redo the Topup request after waiting for 5 minutes.

E. Should i keep the deposit slip?
– Always keep the deposit slips & receipts in case MM requires copy for verification.

F. What else I need to know?
– All Topup request is automated for any amount below RM10,000.
– Topup for amount RM10,000 & above will require prove of deposits and there longer Topup time is required.
– Should deposit slip is required, you can send to

G. Why MM required me to send deposit slip for certain Topup?
– Deposit slip are required sometimes when the amount or time does not appeared in bank statement where MM will require the copy of the deposit slip to confirm with bank.
– Please keep all receipts for at least 1 month after deposit, even for successful Topup, in case you are required to send in the deposit slip.

ATM & CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) Problem

H. What should I do when my money got stuck in the CDM?
– Go to the nearest bank branch obtain the credit advise form with confirmation money credited into MM account.
– If the deposit was not already successful at the time of report, the Bank will call you when the money was successful deposited, please ask for the Date & Time of the successful deposit, then request for Topup with the given Date & Time.

I. There is no details on the receipt or the receipt never come out, what should i do?
– Check the receipt does it show “Time out request” or “Cash retract”.
– If YES, that means the money was NOT deposited into MM account. Then you have to do the followings:
– 1. Report at bank branch
– 2. Get a credit advise form filled with date & time of depository or reference no
– 3. Request for Topup with SMS or EzeeLink Terminal.

J. What if bank system is offline?
Once is a while bank system might go offline, when bank system is offline we are only able to process the Topup with the bank-in-slip present up to the amount of RM5,000.

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